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£135.90 Raised for Charity!!

Helping others in any way that I can has been a value instilled in me since I was young. However I have not always managed to live up to this, getting caught up in work, life and the costs and expenses that this brings. Therefore one of the important questions for me when I started on my LR Elite Sports Therapy venture was ‘how can I use this to help others?’ Obviously each client that comes through the door we help, whether that’s improving quality of life, decreasing pain, improving confidence, improving health and fitness, returning to sport and the various other benefits of both exercise and Sports Therapy. And I love it. I love watching you improve your pain, return to the sport you love or smash those personal bests out the park. However I am aware that this remains a very privileged service to access, as I need to make a living and cover my costs.

So, I started to think about how else I could use the business to benefit others, those outside of my clients. This led to the launch of LR Elite Sports Therapy’s charity month, where 10% of all bookings taken in June will be donated to a chosen charity.

Deciding the first charity was the tricky part. There are innumerable good causes out there and I wanted to pick something I was particularly passionate about. Anyone that knows me, knows quite how indecisive I can sometimes be and I have therefore opted to split last month's donation equally between 2 charities!

Firstly to Bliss, the leading UK Charity for babies born premature or sick. One of my closest friends gave birth to her baby boy seven weeks early last December. After a period of time in the neonatal intensive care unit, he is now six months old. Luckily he is absolutely thriving and is a happy, smiley baby with no ongoing concerns. Unfortunately not all babies are as lucky and the work that charities like Bliss do is invaluable to these babies and their families. Finn’s parents were so incredible throughout this and they inspire me with their strength daily but I know they are so grateful to the staff in the NICU for the way they looked after Finn and supported them during those first few weeks. Finn’s godmother is another of my closest friends who is also paediatric dietician. Being so personally and professionally impacted by situations like this she has decided to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon to raise money for Bliss. She has the full support of LR Elite Sports Therapy in the form of calf rubs, motivational text messages, Pimms, injury advice and more.

The second charity I selected is due to a story without a happy ending. The tragic death of Yeovil Town footballer Lee Collins was widely covered in the press with the football community pulling together in support. I was lucky enough to work with Collo while we were both at Mansfield Town FC. He was the club captain and I can attest to all the statements in the press regarding his character, leadership and being the glue that holds a team together. Although it had been a couple of years since we worked together I was shocked and saddened by the news but mostly heartbroken for his family. This situation highlighted even more so how little we know about what a person is thinking and feeling and how truly desperate someone may be.

I am totally overwhelmed by the support this month and I cannot thank you all enough. Together we have raised a total of £135.90 meaning I was able to donate £67.95 to Bliss via Emma’s sponsorship and a further donation of £67.95 to Young Minds following Yeovil Town’s donation in Lee’s name.

Thank you so much for supporting LR Elite Sports Therapy and even more so for supporting us this month, it really does mean so much.

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