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Charity Month 2023 - The Snowdrop Project

Finding ways for LR Elite to support the community, help people and make a difference outside of the clients we work with directly is something I have wanted to do before the doors even opened. That’s why, since the beginning, June has been ‘Charity Month’ where I select a charity to donate 10% of all takings to. Over the last two years I have supported Young Minds & Bliss (a particularly indecisive year) and the Trussell Trust. This year I wanted to select a local charity and after seeing lots of fundraisers for The Snowdrop Project at the Sheffield 10km last year I looked into the work that they do. This post is to give you more information about the project, the work that they do and ultimately why I have selected them to work with.

The Snowdrop Project, founded in 2012, is dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking rebuild their lives and integrate into society. Recognizing that survivors often face unique challenges and complex trauma, the project offers a range of services tailored to their specific needs. From emotional support and counseling to practical assistance such as access to safe housing and financial advice, Snowdrop provides a holistic approach to survivor care.

Central to the Snowdrop Project's ethos is the belief in empowering survivors to reclaim their lives and rediscover their worth and potential. Through comprehensive empowerment programs, survivors are equipped with essential life skills, education, and employment training. The organization partners with local businesses and professionals to create opportunities for survivors, helping them develop new skills and gain financial independence. By focusing on long-term rehabilitation, Snowdrop ensures survivors are given the tools and resources to rebuild their lives on their own terms.

Beyond direct support, the Snowdrop Project is actively involved in advocacy and raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking within the Sheffield community. They work closely with local authorities, law enforcement, and other relevant organizations to improve policies, increase prosecution rates, and strengthen victim protection measures. Snowdrop also conducts educational workshops and awareness campaigns to shed light on the harsh realities of human trafficking, thereby fostering a more empathetic and vigilant community.

Snowdrop recognizes the importance of community involvement in supporting survivors and preventing human trafficking. They actively engage with individuals, schools, businesses, and community groups to educate them about the signs of trafficking and encourage reporting. By forging strong partnerships and networks, Snowdrop ensures a collective effort in safeguarding vulnerable individuals and advocating for their rights.

If you want to know more about Snowdrop and keep up to date with their work then you can join their mailing list here:

To help me support Snowdrop by booking an appointment drop me a message or visit the website here:

There will also be leaflets providing more information and a collection tin in clinic throughout June. All bookings made via the website in June will be included in the donation, even if the appointment itself is not until July. I hope to see you all soon!.

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